Coming together

1st School in Řevnice

4.-6. October 2023 the TOME team gathered in Řevnice for the first common meeting. The aim of the meeting was to spark and nourish the vibe of the project by being together and working together towards setting and clarifying the goals of this two years project. Also great care was put into so each person in the team is grounded and happy in his or her role in the team, both in the individual research and as a part of a group research.

Soon it became clear that to fulfill the project in two years, the overall goals must be narrowed down. The team decided to prioritize to create and work with a comprehensive catalog of Alchemy and Paracelsianism of the 16th and 17th century and to master an understanding of how they contributed to the emergence of encyclopaedism. Simultaneously, the priority was also granted to analyzing the existing NOSCEMUS digital corpus of Latin scientific prints (c. 1000 titles, 1450-1850).

For the means of analysis the team is adopting current foremost computational methods, which were also presented and explained at the common meeting. The team will take advantage of using distributional semantics, machine learning and metaphor detection allowing to capture semantic trends in large corpora of text. Wishing the team luck with that and fingers crossed for exciting publications to come in the near future.

Common gathering was concluded by a trip to visit one of the Czech’s largest gothic castles Karlštejn. What a lovely time.

TOME will be reconstructing the early modern world of the mind, modelled on Latin printed culture of the period.”

(Márton Szentpéteri, Řevnice, 4. 10. 2023)

Attendees of the meeting: Alessandro Nannini, Jan Tvrz, Jana Kodetová, Jana Švadlenková, Jo Hedesan, Lenka Řezníková, Lucie Storchová, Marcela Slavíková, Martin Žemla, Márton Szentpéteri, Ondřej Kříž, Petr Pavlas, Vojtěch Kaše

2nd School in Řevnice, 2-4 October 2024 (again from Wednesday to Friday). Dear team members, save the date.


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