TOME project 3

News from January 2024

  • A first published result of the project (in German), although without use of distant reading and computational analysis, was published by Petr Pavlas in Comenius-Jahrbuch 31. You can read and download the pdf here.
  • Vojtěch Kaše and his group created four word-embedding models for Noscemus (1501-1550, 1551-1600, 1601-1650 and 1650-1700), which they trained exactly the same as Sprugnoli et al. 2020, except that they have extended the dictionary with the most frequent words from Noscemus. See the embeddings here. What is most interesting is how some individual words shift in the scientific discourse 1500-1700 from one cluster (semantic genus in a Nominalist sense) to another, and how the whole clusters change its semantic proximity/distance with each other.
  • Vojtěch Kaše also found, downloaded (and transformed for use in Python) the whole Corpus corporum database, 7819 Latin works from various periods. Ca. 500 M words. Corpus corporum database is available here.
  • Jo Hedesan and her group successfully continue in creating the digital corpus of early modern Latin alchemical prints. At this moment, they have tens of works recognized and very carefully cleaned.


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