Fourth conference on Computational Humanities Research

6.-8. December 2023 the TOME team enjoyed attending fourth conference on Computational Humanities Research in Paris. 

The Computational Humanities Research (CHR) community is an international and interdisciplinary community that supports researchers with an interest in computational approaches to the humanities. It is an offshoot of larger scientific area known as Digital Humanities Research (DHR).

It was great opportunity for us to be networking with proponent of the theory of cultural evolution and cultural attraction Olivier Morin (Jean Nicode Institute Paris) and many other excellent researchers in the field.

Our conference paper was presented by Petr Pavlas and Vojtěch Kaše on the third day of the conference programme, in section Lighting talks, chaired by Iza Romanowska, who followingly sparked intriguing and fruitful discussion. 

This conference was also a moment of initiation into international research and computational humanities community for PhD students Jan Tvrz and Jana Švadlenková, who absorbed much inspiration from lectures of foremost specialists in the fields of CHR and DHR.

Here you can view the slides of presentation supporting our paper: A Computational Approach to the Cultural Evolution of Cognitive Metaphors in Historical Texts (1517-1716).

You can also see Proceedings of the Computational Humanities Research Conference 2023 with many interesting and exciting research papers available online for free.

After getting rejuvenation from exchanging originative ideas in the field, we are looking forward moving ahead in our research and perhaps attending again in 2024.


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